Summer Schedule 2017




July 10 - July 13Medfield, MA9:00am - 12:00pmBoys/Girls 5-14$150
July 10- July 13Bedford, MA9:00am - 12:00pmBoys/Girls 5-14$150
July 17 - July 20Burlington, MA9:00am - 4:00pmBoys/Girls 4-15$150
July 24 - July 27Stoneham, MA9:00am - 12:00pmBoys/Girls 5-14$150
July 31 - August 3Waltham, MA9:00am - 3:00pmBoys/Girls 8-16$225
August 7 - August 10Medfield, MA9:00am - 12:00pmBoys/Girls 5-14$150
August 7 - August 10Braintree, MA4:30pm - 7:30pmBoys/Girls 5-14$150
August 14 - August 17Bedford, MA9:00am - 12:00pmBoys/Girls 5-14$150
August 14 - August 17Stoneham, MA4:30pm - 7:30pmBoys/Girls 5-14$150
August 21 - August 24Medfield, MA9:00am - 12:00pmBoys/Girls 5-14$150
August 21 - August 24Burlington, MA4:30pm - 7:30pmBoys/Girls 5-14$150
August 21 - August 24Wellesley, MA4:30pm - 7:30pmBoys/Girls 5-14$150
August 26 - August 29Wellesley, MA9:00am - 12:00pmBoys/Girls 5-14$150

Practice Day Info

Typical 3 Hour Academy Schedule

*Please arrive 15 minutes early so we can get everybody checked in and ready

Time (Minutes) Training Info
Start to Min 15 Assembly, Lecture, and Warm Up
15 to 75 Skill Instruction – passing, dribbling, shooting, receiving
75 to 120 Training Games – putting the skill instruction into a game situation
120 to 135 Rest Break/Lecture Recap
135 to 175 Matches – small sided games
175 to End Daily Recap, Questions, Autographs, Clinic Ends

Player Check List

Soccer Ball
Drinking Water
Shin guards w/ soccer socks
Soccer cleats
Lunch (if attending full day program)
Indoor soccer shoes (if indoor facility available)

Program Information

Our summer programs run for 4 days (Monday to Thursday) and include key skill development components along with soccer matches. There will be a heavy emphasis placed on footwork, passing, and shooting. The philosophy behind our training programs is that the mastery of fundamental soccer movements will lead to increased performance. Mastery of these movements is achieved using our age appropriate system of drills designed to build muscle memory. Our summer and winter clinics are designed for players of all abilities, benefitting novice to elite level players.

Players will be grouped in the summer into the best possible fit based on age, sex, and skill level.

Field Directions

Additional Info


The staff to player ratio at all programs will be no greater than 10:1. Our coaches possess a comprehensive knowledge of the game, and have the enthusiasm and skill to teach players of all abilities and ages. Please email for a more comprehensive description of the coaches for certain programs.

Professional Player Availability

Our aim is to have a professional player appear at each clinic at least once. The following players have appeared at our programs: Shalrie Joseph, Avery John, Leslie Osborne, Kevin Alston, Matt Reis, Cat Whitehill, and Darrius Barnes. Due to potential professional game conflicts, some clinics may have limited or no professional player appearances.

We have a top notch coaching staff of elite local coaches in addition to our professional player component. Many of our coaches currently work at the college and high school level.

Inclement Weather

In the case of rain, the Academy will continue at the discretion of the head coach. If there is heavy rain, and/or inclement weather (hail, thunder/lightning, extreme heat, high winds) the Academy will be stopped and all players/coaches will seek cover. Some sites have onsite indoor facilities; other sites will have indoor facilities in the surrounding area. If indoor space is available, it will be utilized. If there is no indoor facility, we will make every possible effort to make up lost time (either by starting earlier or ending later on a subsequent day, adding additional days, or allowing missed days to be made up at a program later in the summer). Fridays are usually the make-up day.


Goalkeepers are welcome to come to the Academy – however there will not be a separate goalkeeper program. We believe that having basic soccer skills is essential even for goalkeepers. When matches are played goalkeepers may be used in the nets depending on the circumstances.

Team Discounts

For team’s registering six or more players, all players will receive a $25 discount. Please contact us with questions or for further details.


For 2017, t-shirts can be purchased separately on site. The cost of the t-shirt is $15, players are not required to buy a t-shirt.

Refund Policy

Due to staffing and facility costs there is a no refund policy, with the exception of a medical problem. If you need to cancel, an account credit will be issued that can be applied towards any future program.


Online Registration

Register Online by clicking the button below. You will be brought to a secure server that will take all your personal information and process your credit card payment.

Offline Registration

Register Offline by clicking the link below, which will pop up a PDF you can fill in and mail to us:

Click to Download the Registration Form

*Some programs will be offered in conjunction with a Recreation Department. For some of these programs all registrations must go through the respective Rec. Dept. – information will be provided in these cases.

Our 2017 Summer programs run for only 4 days, and therefore are not required to be licensed by the local board of health